Biography of Anoosh prophet (Peace be upon him

In this part we are going to introduce this great prophet and describe the way he lived and ask our sublimate God to help us follow his steps,thrive and reach to the climax of humanity, worship, ,wisdom by knowing about prophets and other great and righteous humans

Name:Anoosh prophet (peace be upon him

Nick name:Risan

Father's name:Sheys,the son of Adam (peace be upon him

Mother's name:Nazleh (Horriyeh or Hoora

Anoosh prophet was born when his father Sheys,the son of Adam was 105 years old,after his birth Sheys (peace be upon him ) lived 807 years until he died at the age of 912.Sheys prophet ( peace be upon him) was the first one  who called people to worship one and  unique God

Ghinan (peace be upon him ) who is Anoosh's son was born when Anoosh (peace be upon him ) was 90 years old.After his birth Anoosh prophet (peace be upon him) lived 815 years until he died at the age of 905

Anoosh prophet (peace be upon him) was the first one who could plant date tree by Gabriel's peace be upon him) contribution.he was his fathers envoy in leading and conducting humans,later he entered Persia territory to guide humans

He was died at the age 905 in Fahran castle which is located in Ghahdrijan city,20 kilometers from Isfahan.In the past Fahran city was one of the cosmopolitan cities which was an important commercial city center for years.mountain ranges around city is known as Fahran's mountain ranges

We'd better point out that in Iranian books and  sources Anoosh prophet was 950 years old and when he was born his father Sheys,the son of Adam was 150 years old but in christianity sources,books and holy Bible (old testament-Genesis-chapter 5) his age was mentioned as 905  years old  


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